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Vanderbilt KidTalk is a research group studying language growth in young children with disabilities. Our intervention is fun, natural and can be done by parents and teachers!

Children who are taught using KidTalk procedures typically learn new vocabulary, talk in longer sentences, and develop strong, positive relationships with their parents, teachers and peers.

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COVID Resources for families from The Early Childhood Personnel Center:

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Check out the Vanderbilt Kennedy Center podcast episode with our Lab Director, Dr. Ann Kaiser, speaking about our current projects (pre-COVID):

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Check out the interview with our Lab Director, Dr. Ann Kaiser, featured in the February 2019 issue of the Vanderbilt Kennedy Center Notables: 

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We were excited to have been featured in the Vanderbilt Research News November 30, 2018 issue.

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Vanderbilt KidTalk

KidTalk has a supportive and encouraging staff of psychologists, speech language pathologists, special educators, and counseling professionals who provide language intervention to young children with a range of disabilities. With more than 50 research studies supporting our naturalistic, conversation-based language intervention, children who participate in KidTalk typically learn new vocabulary, talk in longer sentences, and develop strong, positive relationships with their parents, teachers and peers. Many of our studies also include a component of parent training where we teach parents ways they can support their child’s language development. Check out our website for videos, testimonies, and more information about our current projects! You can help fund our research at this link: https://admin.app.vanderbilt.edu/olga/pub/landing?appealCode=2123A
Vanderbilt KidTalk
Vanderbilt KidTalk is at Vanderbilt Peabody College.
Vanderbilt Peabody College
Hola amigos,
¡Por favor compartan esta información! Estamos reclutando activamente para nuestro estudio de EMT en Español. Buscamos familias que hablen Español en casa y que tengan niños de entre 30 y 36 meses de edad que no estén hablando como otros niños de su edad.
Las familias obtienen muchos beneficios:
*Evaluaciones y terapias de lengauje gratuitas en casa con un terapeuta bilingüe.
*$50 en efectivo si califican para el estudio cada vez que participan en las evaluaciones.
* Juguetes y libros para su hijo.
* Entrenamiento a papás y nuestro manual para padres sobre cómo ayudar al desarrollo del lenguaje de sus hijos.

Para obtener más información, vea el siguiente video: https://youtu.be/5C5Id6FHn9I

Si desea que nos comuniquemos con usted para agendar una evaluación, haga clic en este enlace: https://redcap.link/espanol
Hi friends,
Please share this information! We are actively recruiting for our EMT en Español research study. We are looking for Spanish speaking families with kids between 30-36 months old (and that are not talking like other kids their age.)
The families get lots of benefits:
* Free in-home testing and language intervention for their child with a bilingual therapist.
* $50 cash if they qualify for the study each time they participate in assessments.
* Toys and books for their child.
*Parent training and our parent manual on how to help their child's language development!

Please watch the video below for more information: https://youtu.be/5C5Id6FHn9I

If you would like us to contact you for a screening, please complete the survey at this link: https://redcap.link/espanol
Vanderbilt KidTalk
Vanderbilt KidTalk
Responding to all of your child’s communication teaches them their communication is important to you. After responding to them, take a pause and give them a chance to say more. Waiting for your child helps keep a back and forth conversation going and gives your little one more chances to practice talking.
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