We are excited about your interest in our research!  We are a grant funded research lab and unable to accept volunteers.  Instead our interns must receive course credit from their home university for their work with us. This can be as an undergrad or graduate student. Depending on your time commitment you will receive 1-3 credits each semester you work with us.  We do give preference to those students who commit to working with us for at least 2 semesters (and who can work 10+ hours/week).

We do offer positions for students to work closely with us on our research projects.  Interns in this program will participate in research activities including: data collection, behavioral coding, and observation.  Additionally, interns will assist our therapists with videoing sessions and childcare to provide opportunities to work directly with children.  You would be assigned to one of our project coordinators or one of our PhD students who will train and supervise you during your time here.

Our office is open Monday-Friday (8a-5p), and we will set your work schedule around your class schedule.  We do ask that you work the same days/hours weekly.

Please contact Madeline Hinson at with any questions.

We are currently accepting applications for Summer 2019 and Fall 2019.  Click here for an application

Deadline to apply for Summer 2019 is Friday, March 29th

Deadline to apply for Fall 2019 is Friday, June 28th